Rower Quotes about Sculling in a Nutshell "In Sculling in a Nutshell, Gordon Hamilton succeeds admirably in formulating both rowing technique and communication to athletes. He understands deeply the fundamentals of sculling, as well as the fine points needed to achieve elite performance. His coaching vocabulary and language often depart from the mainstream, as he crafts his message for precision both about what he wants scullers to do and what they must avoid. Gordon is consistent and clear with this approach, which has proven very effective in his coaching novice through elite scullers.” Don Spero - Single Sculls World Champion, 1966



“Anyone who has learned to row can spit back the words of the person who taught him and call himself a coach. This is what most coaches on all levels do. Gordon Hamilton has the technical training, the unconventional, questioning mind and years of experience which allow him to go beyond coachbarf to the essence of what makes a sculler fast. I am finally learning to row. Thank you Gordon...” Chris Ernst - “Too big to be a jockey and too small to be a horse, Chris Ernst nonetheless managed to win one medal of each color at the Rowing World Championships between 1975 and 1987, which included both sweep and sculling boats in the heavyweight and lightweight divisions”
“Sculling in a Nutshell is fantastic! The analogies are delightful and humorous and offer perfect ‘snap¬shots’ for athletes to reference throughout the stroke. Gordon’s passion for the sport and understanding of boat dynamics jump off the pages. A profound instructional guide for all levels.” Saiya Remmler — Silver Medal, LW2X World University Games, 1989; Bronze Medal, Ltw. World Championships, LW2X with Teresa Zarzeczny Bell, 1992;4th LW2X, World Championships with Lindsay Burns, 1993; Head of the Charles Results: Gold Medal, Championship W2X with Teresa Zarzeczny Bell (course record), 1992; 5 x Gold Medal, MastersW2X with Teresa Zarzeczny Bell, 2007¬2011 (current course record).) “Gordon is a “one percenter” among rowing coaches with an uncanny ability to accelerate learning. Like all good coaches, he clearly explains what needs to be done. What sets him apart from the rest is the way he conveys how to improve technique, and why each move is important.” Chuck Cook— Masters National G1X ltwt. Champion 2009, 2010—11. Other Championship Medals—2007¬2011 “Sculling in a Nutshell is an elegant, complete and beautiful study. Immerse yourself in the functional nuts and bolts of rowing technique, as well as sharing Hamilton’s evident delight in the graceful nutshell itself that is the rowing stroke. Within lies a path to understanding, opportunities to practice and perfect, and above all to share in Hamilton’s love of the graceful artistry of rowing.” Kat Astley — Stroke of Cambridge University Woman’s Boat Club (CUWBC) winning Blue Boat against Oxford, 1997 & , President of CUWBC, 1998, Coach for Cambridge University Woman’s Boat Club, 2002¬2009 Coach/Boatman, Christ’s College, Cambridge University 2006-¬2009
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