Sculling in a Nutshell
make your boat run... and run... and run Gordon Hamilton



If you can do this, your boat runs and you are fast!

"If there is one idea that will improve your sculling more than anything, it is the ability to keep your weight off your feet during the recovery, until AFTER the blade is loaded and locked on." - from Gordon Hamilton's Preface to Sculling in a Nutshell.


How do you develop the poise to maximize this brief period of time when the blades are entering and being loaded by the water?   The key is STABILITY.   Sculling in a Nutshell shows how to become stable, to become one with your boat as if you were part of the equipment.


Skilled rowers will find a trove of ways to improve their speed and their enjoyment on the water -  see Rower Quotes.  Sculling in a Nutshell is also appropriate for beginners, to understand efficient rowing and acquire basic knowledge - see Chapters.


As an esteemed coach of sweepers as well as scullers, Gordon's teaching applies equally to both - see Biography.   Where rowing with one oar is different from rowing with two, Gordon provides sweep-specific advice.


First offered in print, Sculling in a Nutshell is now available for Kindle-enabled devices (Kindle, iPad, Android tablets, etc.) with on-line animations to clarify text.  See Order Info to purchase your copy, and make your boat run...

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