Essential Topics in Sculling in a Nutshell The Table of Contents
Introduction Preface Release and Follow Through Follow Through and Recovery Reach and Body Preparation Phase of the Recovery Length and Entry Phase of the Recovery Stability vs. Balance Constant pressure against the Pin The Entry Squaring the Blades Geometry and Physics Swimming Analogy The Drive Breathing Rhythm Essential Rigging Hand Hold and Feathering Backing Competitive Rowing Racing Starts Head Racing Steering Dealing With Intense Mental and Physical Discomfort Safety Getting In and Out of Your Shell from a Dock Getting Back Into (or Onto) Your Shell from the Water Cold Water Rowing Your Back Training Erging
Some Drills for Maximizing the Ease of Sculling (and Sweep Rowing) in a Nutshell Appendix The Principles of the Nutshell Applied to Sweep Rowing Compared to Sculling Appendix Notes on Velocity
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